Kata Videos

What is Kata?:

Kata is a prearranged set of movements that embody a set of fundamental offensive and defensive techniques. Each kata focuses on a particular fighting style or strategy. This strategy is intertwined in the stances, direction changes, blocks, and strikes included in the kata.

Kata are taught and studied in “layers” beginning with the basic movements and stances and progressing toward intermediate and advanced movements. While kata may appear to be limited and simple demonstrations of rigid techniques to the untrained eye, studied properly they develop physical and mental attributes for a wide range of self-defense applications.

An example of the progression of kata study:

  • Layer one: The steps; Stances, Strikes, and Blocks
  • Layer two: The movements; Balance shifting, body shifting, speed, and power
  • Layer three: The applications; blocks that could be strikes, strikes that could be blocks, stance changes that could be throws, etc.
  • Layer four: Advanced applications; joint manipulations, pressure point applications, etc. “hidden” between the movements.
  • Proficiency in Karate-do is developed by merging one’s natural instincts and physical attributes with physiologically efficient and effective technique. Kata is the means for developing efficient and effective technique by focusing on proper stance, balance, atemi (focus), and self-awareness in the context of self-defense applications. Through focused study and repetition, the karateka uses kata to master a particular fighting style or strategy. Once the karateka develops “muscle memory” for effective techniques, kumite (sparring) can be used as a tool to develop spacing, timing, and the fluid application of techniques. This is why kata is at the core of traditional Karate-do training and kumite is used only as supplemental training for advanced students.

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